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ILALLUNA, presents the cocktail bar where you can put our bartenders and barmaids to the test. Professionalism, elegance, creativity, kindness…

Our bartenders and barmaids will use their Cocktail Shakers to prepare “the” cocktails of the night: Appetizer, Digestive, Non-Alcoholic, International or Self-Created. Endless possibilities for each event. Give your event a great finishing touch.

Laughter Therapy: Workshops on the dynamics of laughter for groups and companies

A Workshop on the Dynamics of Laughter is a relaxed place, where all the participants actively take part, communicate and have fun. Laughter, Smiles and Joy arise through games and activities, which help us to connect with our most spontaneous side.

Tai-chi for companies: Tai Chi helps develop harmonic gestures and body agility. The practice leads progressively to energy control. It is a search for body and mind harmony.

Creative Training Course: This activity develops the creative potential of the participant adapting the course to the company’s objective.

Icebreakers: Icebreaker nothing better than some fun and entertaining activities to break the tension and nerves of a new group, or to strengthen the relationship of an existing group. These dynamics are very productive.